Dog Food Drive

Help us to do our part to prevent dogs from going hungry during the COVID -19 crisis

The financial impact of COVID-19 on the dog owners we support directly impacts the dogs. In the best of times, owners struggle to buy dog food. We know without a doubt dog owners will have to choose between feeding their families or their dogs.

How You Can Help

Donate dry dog food for medium to large dogs. 

How to Donate

Consider using Amazon Wish List or we have two drop-off sites.

Drop off sites 

#1 120 Southhaven Drive

Mooresville, NC 28117

#2   9341 Stawell Dr, 

Huntersville, NC. 28078


Thank you!

Holly'z Hope 

Fundraising Ideas

We’re always looking for enthusiastic partners and volunteers to help us raise money and awareness for our cause!  Check out a few of the ways you can help by hosting your own fundraiser to benefit Holly’z Hope, and help more dogs live lives unchained. 

Holly'z Hope will provide marketing materials and guidence on what makes a successful fundraiser. Please contact us for more information.

Host a Dog Wash Event:

This is a great way to play with dogs in your community! All you need to do is find a dog-friendly location with water hoses and a non-slip surface. Dogs are like people, they get cold, so a dog wash event is best held on a warm, sunny day. As a reminder, dogs should be on leash at all times, with the dog’s owner present.

Shop around club stores and discount (dollar) stores to see if you can buy dog shampoo in bulk at a discounted price. Have a few bowls of water nearby for the benefit of the dogs who are waiting their turn. You could also sell refreshments to pet owners during the event. Treats and biscuits could be provided for the dogs, as well.

Ask family and friends to donate old towels to dry off the dogs once they've enjoyed their bath — no one wants the smell of wet dog in their car!