Our story

It started with a mission to see dogs freed from life on a chain.

In 2015, we began working in the Lake Norman area reaching out to homeowners who were leaving their dogs outside on a chain. The dog owners we worked with loved their pets, but all too often did not have the financial means or knowledge of how to provide more humane conditions.

Our team of volunteers partnered with these families. We built them a fence, provided a dog house, wellness care and dog supplies including food, bedding and toys. We gave them a solution, and a better life for their pets.

We broke the cycle.

By working with families without judgment, our simple act of kindness gave owners a sense of pride, and the opportunity to become more responsible pet owners. 

Since we began, we have built fences for hundreds of dogs and their families across five cities and two counties in North Carolina.

The freedom we were able to help provide to these dogs was immeasurable. The dogs now have freedom to run untethered, to find shelter during inclement weather, and to be loved unconditionally. 

We provide fencing and other supplies at no cost to the pet owner - all we ask in return is the simple agreement to spay/neuter their dog, which reduces the overpopulation of unwanted animals. The result?  Happier pets, happier owners and ultimately, positive change in the community.

But we still have work to do.

We’re working in our community to help make sure all pet owners have the resources and education they need to provide a safe and secure area for their dogs outside. Join us as we continue to help dogs live life off the chain!